Learn mobile development with Ionic and Django

Usually when looking at tutorials (or even books), they don't give us a full overview of how to develop a mobile application, but rather focusing on a specific subject or use case (which is fine).
But at the time i started developing applications, i would have love to find a website teaching the full picture of how an application works (from frontend to backend).
So that's why i decided to create this website and will try to explain how things work (by the way sorry if i made mistakes as i'm not an english native speaker)

What will we learn ?

  • Design and setup a backend architecture
  • Develop mobile application with Ionic 4.x
  • Develop backend with Django 2 and Python 3
  • Deploy on the cloud with Clever-Cloud
  • Deploy on devices with capacitor

What will we build ?

As i want to develop a real application for these tutorials, with concrete use-cases, we will develop a kind of Find a <something> application.
Where <something> could be anything you want, depending on your business, such as : Restaurant, Doctor, Farmacy or even Bicycles, Bikes...

Some features of our mobile application:

  • Login / Forgotten Password screens
  • Register screen
  • Display list of object
  • Display Google maps
  • Integrate Stripe payment
  • Account page
  • About us page
  • ...

Some features of our backend:

  • Manage all previous mobile application features
  • Backoffice with Django admin
  • Rest API with Django Rest Framework
  • Secure API with oAuth2
  • Manage geolocation features
  • Manage payment features
  • Deploy in production on the cloud
  • ...

How will we learn ?

We will build the full application and backend thru multiple tutorial posts. So we will learn each aspect of development thru time, using a Day X : build Y feature pattern. Meaning at regular intervals, i will add the lesson of Day X on this website.
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