Learn how to create a real world chat application with Ionic and Django.


In these tutorials, we will learn how to create a Chat real world mobile application with Ionic 5/Angular 12/Capacitor 3 and with Django 3 as backend.

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What will we learn ?

This tutorials will focus on how to create a real world mobile chat application with Ionic 5 / Angular 12, Capacitor 3 and Django 3. The Chat application will manage private chat between two persons and is not a group chat application.

For this application, we can list these main functionalities :

  • Login / Register
  • List of chats screen
  • Chat screen
  • Receiving push notifications

We will learn each steps required to create a real world chat mobile application with it’s associated backend in a day to day process.

On backend, we will use Django and Django channels to have a socket based chat and we will also learn how to save and retrieve chat history. We will also learn how to deploy our Django backend in the cloud.

On frontend, we will develop a Ionic/Capacitor application with Angular framework, which will communicate with our backend to manage the chats. We will also learn how to use Capacitor and how to deploy the application on mobile devices.

Here are the tutorials already available to read:

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